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United Kingdom Senior Golf Association UKSGA

UKSGA @Aldeburgh GC 2022

Wednesday 16th March 2022 - Thursday 17th March 2022

(95% handicap allowance)

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1R2TotalPar
1st Jeffrey Bearman Orsett Golf Club (1)6776143+7
2nd Richard Punyer Littlestone Golf Club (2)7173144+8
3rd Roger Taylor Aldeburgh (3)7176147+11
4th Stephen Mason Wakefield Golf Club (-1)7573148+12
5th George Wilson Calcot Park Golf Club (0)7871149+13
5th Gareth Bradley Bramhall Golf Club (-3)7772149+13
7th Douglas Cameron Worthing Golf Club (1)7773150+14
7th Ian Foster Bishops Stortford Golf Club (5)7773150+14
7th Damian Magill Wrekin (4)7278150+14
7th James Weigall Banstead Downs (1)7278150+14
11th Steve Green Rose Hill Golf Club (3)7675151+15
11th John Ambridge Moor Park (-1)7576151+15
11th Nigel Robson Aldeburgh (3)7576151+15
11th Steve Duffety Flempton (1)7576151+15
11th Keith Morris Camberley Heath (0)7279151+15
11th Malcolm Cawte Selsey (1)7279151+15
17th Peter Conroy The Wisley Golf Club (3)7874152+16
18th Adrian Donkersley Denham (8)8073153+17
18th Gordon Stewart Berkhamsted Golf Club (2)7677153+17
18th Jeremy Baldwin Royal Worlington & Newmarket (1)7677153+17
18th Matthew Bayford Hendon (4)7677153+17
18th Paul King Orsett Golf Club (0)7479153+17
23rd Chris Bennfors Worplesdon Golf Club (4)7876154+18
23rd Simon Dymoke North Wilts (2)7876154+18
23rd David Heaton Delamere Forest (5)7876154+18
23rd Charles Banks Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club (-1)7678154+18
23rd David McMillan Hayling (2)7381154+18
28th Neil Hughes The Gog Magog (5)8174155+19
28th Keith Elvin Ashford (Kent) (3)7877155+19
28th Gerry Penfold Sandford Springs (3)7877155+19
28th Martin Gillett Thorndon Park (5)7481155+19
28th John Yuill Links Golf Club (Newmarket) (4)7481155+19
28th Ross Snape Wentworth (3)7382155+19
34th Gary Whitfield Hockley (5)8274156+20
34th Bob Head The Melbourne Club (3)7977156+20
34th Jonathan Perry Luffenham Heath (1)7878156+20
34th Mike Ready The Melbourne Club (1)7581156+20
38th Tony Crockford Wyboston Lakes (3)7978157+21
38th David Pattrick Royal Cromer (6)7879157+21
38th Craig Bassingthwaighte Bishops Stortford Golf Club (4)7780157+21
41st Paul Buckle Aldeburgh (1)8177158+22
41st Conrad Mazen South Herts Golf Club (7)7682158+22
43rd Richard Parrish Orsett Golf Club (5)8079159+23
43rd Neil Blewitt North Wilts (2)8079159+23
43rd Stephen Hughes Bramhall Golf Club (2)8079159+23
43rd Adrian Studd Woodbridge Golf Club (3)7881159+23
43rd Michael Slattery Hunstanton Golf Club (4)7782159+23
48th Jack Dunlop The Wilmslow (5)8179160+24
48th Stuart Pond Worksop (6)7981160+24
50th David Bible Ashford (Kent) (6)8279161+25
50th Nigel Evans St Mellons (2)8279161+25
50th Graeme Wright North Wilts (5)8180161+25
50th Andy Ball Bury St Edmunds (8)7982161+25
50th Paul Smith Royal Automobile Country Club (5)7982161+25
50th Paul Lamb Newbury & Crookham (7)7883161+25
50th Stephen Whymark Woodbridge Golf Club (3)7883161+25
50th David Tong Orsett Golf Club (3)7883161+25
50th Neil Franklin Beaconsfield (4)7784161+25
50th John Newsome Woodbridge Golf Club (3)7784161+25
50th Matt Crawley Stock Brook Manor (6)7784161+25
50th Tim Lavender Wrotham Heath (7)7784161+25
62nd Malcolm Parkinson Bury St Edmunds (7)8082162+26
62nd Richard Greenwood Thorndon Park (7)8082162+26
62nd Simon Gibbins Chelmsford Golf Club (2)8082162+26
62nd John Coldwell Bradford (7)8082162+26
62nd Steve Webb Henley (6)7884162+26
62nd Stephen Russell Banstead Downs (0)7785162+26
68th Alan MacNaught Colchester (8)8479163+27
68th Gareth Jones The Gog Magog (5)8083163+27
68th Roger Nicholson Bury St Edmunds (2)7984163+27
68th Julian Brand Walton Heath Golf Club (7)7984163+27
72nd Neil Crees Greetham Valley (8)8183164+28
72nd Graham Meddings Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club (6)8183164+28
74th George Copley Porters Park Golf Club (9)8184165+29
74th Terry Norman Great Yarmouth & Caister (10)8184165+29
74th Nick Bolsover Old Fold Manor (6)8184165+29
77th Robert Mottershead Tadmarton Heath Golf Club (4)8482166+30
77th Martyn Goode Hunstanton Golf Club (8)8383166+30
77th Bobby Kendall Moor Park (6)8383166+30
77th David Matter Bury St Edmunds (7)8185166+30
81st Steve Leahey Druids Heath (8)8780167+31
81st Martin Fell Ladbrook Park (2)8582167+31
83rd Peter Bradshaw Cooden Beach (7)8484168+32
84th Terry Croker Bishops Stortford Golf Club (10)8485169+33
84th Kevin Goldsmith Thorndon Park (9)8386169+33
84th Robert Walker Crewe (1)8188169+33
87th Trevor Cave Eaton (10)8585170+34
87th Ian Dawkins Rothley Park Golf Club (5)8288170+34
89th Mark Hyam Boyce Hill (9)8586171+35
90th Melvin Head Ashford (Kent) (7)8488172+36
91st Jeff Robinson Hadley Wood (8)8192173+37
92nd John Warrington Portal Golf Club (9)9185176+40
93rd Gerald O'Keane The Gog Magog (9)9095185+49
94th David Clibborn Beau Desert Golf Club (8)83NR  
95th Geoffrey Kirby Porters Park Golf Club (9)85NR  
96th Peter Harrison The Wisley Golf Club (0)7373+5
97th Michael Latham Hankley Common Golf Club (5)7575+7
98th Tim Hedin Aldeburgh (3)8181+13
99th Craig Pates Moseley (3)76DQ  

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