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UKSGA @ Brokenhurst Manor GC 2018

Wednesday 30th May 2018 - Thursday 31st May 2018
White Tees, Brokenhurst Manor

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1 CSS 71R2 CSS 72TotalPar
1st Chris Reynolds Littlestone Golf Club (0)7371144+4
2nd Keith Morris Camberley Heath Golf Club (2)7274146+6
3rd Graham Meddings Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club (5)7474148+8
4th Ian Foster Bishops Stortford Golf Club (4)7674150+10
4th Paul Clegg Greetham Valley Golf Club (5)7377150+10
6th Les Bruckner Hindhead Golf Club (0)7675151+11
7th Billy Mitchell Hankley Common Golf Club (4)7379152+12
8th Martin Hayes Walton Heath Golf Club (3)7677153+13
9th David Nubbert Puttenham Golf Club (4)8173154+14
9th Simon Dymoke The Wiltshire Golf & Country Club (3)8074154+14
9th Nigel Evans St Mellons Golf Club (1)7777154+14
9th Terry Murray Burhill Golf Club (6)7678154+14
9th David Price Test Valley Golf Club (3)7579154+14
9th Mike Ready Old Fold Manor Golf Club (2)7480154+14
15th Bob Head Moor Park Golf Club (3)7877155+15
15th Nigel Lawrence The Shire London Golf Club (2)7679155+15
15th Paul Lamb Newbury & Crookham Golf Club (6)7679155+15
18th Martin Cooper Reigate Hill Golf Club (4)7878156+16
18th Robert Turner Stock Brook Manor Golf Club (6)7581156+16
20th John Yuill Links Golf Club (Newmarket) (4)7582157+17
21st Keith Elvin Sundridge Park Golf Club (4)7781158+18
22nd Tony Patterson Sunningdale Golf Club (3)7980159+19
23rd Graham Tansley Toot Hill Golf Club (10)8278160+20
23rd Robert Gill Gerrards Cross Golf Club (5)8179160+20
23rd Kerry Jones Cardiff Golf Club (6)8080160+20
23rd Matthew Bayford Hendon Golf Club (6)8080160+20
23rd Bernard Fee Huddersfield Golf Club (7)7882160+20
23rd Laurie Baker Chelmsford Golf Club (6)7684160+20
23rd Ian Wilson Beau Desert Golf Club (7)7684160+20
30th Phil Hine Burley Golf Club (7)8378161+21
30th Mike Chapman Dorset Golf & Country Club (5)8279161+21
30th Kevin Fitz-gerald Harpenden Common Golf Club (7)7982161+21
30th Peter Adams Redditch Golf Club (5)7883161+21
30th Keith Davies Chelmsford Golf Club (1)7784161+21
35th Julian Brand Walton Heath Golf Club (6)8478162+22
35th Peter Cumberworth Chelmsford Golf Club (5)8280162+22
35th Nigel Hilliard Aldeburgh Golf Club (6)8181162+22
35th Martin Fell Ladbrook Park Golf Club (3)8181162+22
35th David James Yelverton Golf Club (7)7983162+22
40th Adrian Donkersley Denham Golf Club (5)8479163+23
40th Gareth Jones Gog Magog Golf Club (6)8281163+23
40th Peter Whittaker Old Fold Manor Golf Club (7)8281163+23
40th John Dornan Colchester Golf Club (7)7984163+23
40th Peter Conroy Wisley Golf Club (4)7390163+23
45th Bobby Kendall Moor Park Golf Club (7)8084164+24
45th Kevin Rayner Stoneham Golf Club (6)8084164+24
45th Andy Ball Bury St Edmunds Golf Club (6)8084164+24
45th Jeff Robinson Hadley Wood Golf Club (6)7985164+24
45th Jim Chambers Beau Desert Golf Club (5)7886164+24
45th Steve Webb Henley Golf Club (6)7787164+24
51st David Forrest Hazlemere Golf Club (5)8481165+25
51st Reg Neal Littlehampton Golf Club (9)8481165+25
51st Clifford Keeble Orsett Golf Club (5)8382165+25
51st Nigel Clowes Clitheroe Golf Club (6)8382165+25
51st Stuart Ramsey St Pierre Golf Club (6)8283165+25
51st Melvin Head Ashford (Kent) Golf Club (7)8184165+25
51st Michael Kfouri Hankley Common Golf Club (8)8085165+25
58th Robert Whitington Sheerness Golf Club (5)8977166+26
58th Nigel Phillips East Sussex National Golf & Country Club (5)8482166+26
58th Peter Lomas Wentworth Golf Club (9)8482166+26
58th David Matter Bury St Edmunds Golf Club (7)8185166+26
58th Peter Dorey Hankley Common Golf Club (6)8086166+26
63rd Robert Farley Bramshaw Golf Club (10)8879167+27
63rd Keith Ward Temple Golf Club (6)8483167+27
63rd Scott Deacon Stratford-on-Avon Golf Club (9)8483167+27
63rd Malcolm Parkinson Bury St Edmunds Golf Club (7)8384167+27
67th Peter Bradshaw Cooden Beach Golf Club (6)8583168+28
67th Tom Dods Chigwell Golf Club (6)8385168+28
69th Christopher Lavery Olton Golf Club (8)8584169+29
69th Martin Dix Littlestone Golf Club (5)8386169+29
71st Neil Franklin Beaconsfield Golf Club (5)7991170+30
72nd Trevor Buesnel Southern Valley Golf Course (7)9081171+31
72nd Nigel Franklin Buckingham Golf Club (9)8982171+31
72nd Terry Croker Bishops Stortford Golf Club (6)8982171+31
72nd David Barnett Notts Golf Club (8)8586171+31
76th Duncan Thomas Maidenhead Golf Club (9)8587172+32
76th George Copley Porters Park Golf Club (8)8587172+32
76th Stephen Lewington Newbury & Crookham Golf Club (7)8488172+32
76th J Martin Cooper Keighley Golf Club (6)8092172+32
80th Paul Bithrey Harpenden Golf Club (9)9282174+34
80th Paul Earland Royal Automobile Country Club (5)8886174+34
82nd David Cargill Aldeburgh Golf Club (9)9283175+35
82nd Mark Hyam Boyce Hill Golf & Country Club (6)8986175+35
84th Terry Norman Great Yarmouth & Caister Golf Club (7)8690176+36
85th John Hartshorn Keswick Golf Club (10)9285177+37
85th John Mann Lutterworth Golf Club (7)8889177+37
87th Kevin Batchelor Stoneham Golf Club (8)9387180+40
87th Simon Hawkins High Post Golf Club (6)8793180+40
89th Ray Donovan Mannings Heath Golf Club (12)9394187+47
90th Mike Pooley Cooden Beach Golf Club (13)9898196+56
91st Hugh Purvis Long Ashton Golf Club (4)81NR  
91st Geoffrey Kirby Porters Park Golf Club (8)82NR  
93rd Michael Howell York Golf Club (Yorkshire) (8)79NR  
94th Roger Bathurst Hankley Common Golf Club (5)79NR  
95th Rupert Rogers St Pierre Golf Club (14)87NR  
96th John Hemphrey Littlestone Golf Club (4)7777+7
97th Peter Harrison Wisley Golf Club (2)8080+10
98th Richard Wood Mid Sussex Golf Club (8)8686+16
99th John Dawes Royal Wimbledon Golf Club (5)8787+17

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