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UKSGA Championship @ John O'Gaunt GC 2016

Monday 15th August 2016 - Tuesday 16th August 2016
White Tees, John O'Gaunt GC

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1 CSS 75R2 CSS 75TotalPar
1st Martin Cooper Banstead Downs (4)7675151+9
2nd Keith Davies Chelmsford Golf Club (1)8174155+13
2nd Clive Brown Rugby (6)7481155+13
4th Peter Adams Redditch Golf Club (6)7977156+14
4th Andy Sutton Brent Valley (4)7779156+14
4th Les Bruckner Hindhead (0)7680156+14
7th David Price Test Valley (3)7879157+15
8th Ian Attoe Worplesdon Golf Club (0)8672158+16
8th Julian Brand Walton Heath Golf Club (5)8078158+16
10th Philip Bramall Chart Hills Golf Club (0)8476160+18
10th Paul Clegg Greetham Valley (5)8476160+18
10th John Yuill Links Golf Club (Newmarket) (3)8377160+18
10th Michael Kirilloff Worplesdon Golf Club (5)7882160+18
10th Alistair Heslop Northamptonshire County (5)7684160+18
15th Tony Patterson Sunningdale (3)8378161+19
15th Malcolm Cawte Selsey (2)8180161+19
17th Peter Cumberworth Chelmsford Golf Club (4)8478162+20
17th Bob Head The Melbourne Club (4)8280162+20
17th Roger Taylor Aldeburgh (2)7785162+20
17th Billy Mitchell Hankley Common Golf Club (2)7686162+20
17th Alan MacNaught Colchester (5)7686162+20
22nd Kevin Fitz-gerald Harpenden Common (5)8381164+22
22nd David Nubbert Puttenham (4)8183164+22
24th William Sangster Bearsted Golf Club (4)8580165+23
24th Mark Stokes Studley Wood Golf Club (4)8283165+23
26th Robert Whitington Sheerness (5)8779166+24
26th Terry Norman Great Yarmouth & Caister (6)8680166+24
26th John Oliver Hindhead Golf Club (6)8581166+24
26th Giles Oates Stowmarket Golf Club (6)8383166+24
26th John McKimmie West Hill Golf Club (5)8086166+24
31st Ian Foster Bishops Stortford Golf Club (3)8681167+25
31st Laurie Baker Chelmsford Golf Club (8)8384167+25
31st Mark Hyam Boyce Hill (6)8384167+25
34th David Pattrick Royal Cromer (5)8682168+26
34th Graham Tansley West Essex Golf Club (7)8484168+26
34th Michael Slattery Hunstanton Golf Club (5)8484168+26
34th Terry Croker Bishops Stortford Golf Club (7)8484168+26
38th David Matter Bury St Edmunds (7)8881169+27
38th Paul Smith Royal Automobile Country Club (6)8485169+27
38th Duncan Thomas Temple Golf Club (6)8386169+27
38th Steve Leahey Druids Heath (5)8386169+27
38th David Holden Moortown (9)8287169+27
43rd Nigel Hilliard Aldeburgh (4)8684170+28
43rd Norman Cameron Porters Park Golf Club (6)8684170+28
43rd Jeff Robinson Hadley Wood (5)8585170+28
43rd Robert Cullen Littlestone Golf Club (7)8387170+28
43rd Bill Wreathall Chelmsford Golf Club (5)8090170+28
48th Kevin Peel Remedy Oak Golf Club (5)8982171+29
48th Trevor Cave Eaton (9)8685171+29
48th Stuart Ramsey St Pierre Golf Club (5)8586171+29
48th Peter Crompton Eaton (Chester) Golf Club (8)8487171+29
48th Geoffrey Kirby Porters Park Golf Club (7)8487171+29
53rd Keith Elvin Ashford (Kent) (5)8983172+30
53rd Paul Bithrey Woburn (8)8587172+30
53rd Robert Gill Gerrards Cross (4)8587172+30
56th Philip Mitchelmore Bishops Stortford Golf Club (8)8588173+31
56th Ian Wilson Beau Desert Golf Club (6)8489173+31
56th Robert Turner Silloth on Solway Golf Club (6)8390173+31
59th John Symon Rookery Park Golf Club (8)9183174+32
59th Paul Lamb Newbury & Crookham (6)8985174+32
59th David Kerr Northamptonshire County Golf Club (9)8787174+32
59th Bryan Graham Knebworth Golf Club (6)8589174+32
59th Jonathan Lipton Beaconsfield Golf Club (10)8589174+32
59th Rob Daniels Oxfordshire (The) Golf Club (7)8490174+32
65th John Mann Lutterworth (8)9085175+33
65th John Fulton Woburn (10)8788175+33
65th Neil Franklin Beaconsfield (6)8392175+33
68th Peter Clarke Frilford Heath Golf Club (6)8987176+34
69th John Wilson Fleetwood (6)9087177+35
70th Glyn Ratcliffe Mill Green Golf Club (7)9484178+36
70th Angus Kerr Betchworth Park Golf Club (12)9286178+36
70th Trevor Buesnel Southern Valley Golf Course (8)8791178+36
70th Gerry Nash Dyke Golf Club (11)8791178+36
70th Ian Ward Hallamshire (6)8692178+36
75th Nigel Clowes Clitheroe Golf Club (5)9386179+37
75th Nigel Franklin Buckingham (8)8792179+37
77th Kevin Batchelor Stoneham (10)8793180+38
78th Reg Neal Littlehampton (7)9289181+39
78th Michael Howell York Golf Club (Yorkshire) (7)8992181+39
78th Robert Mottershead Tadmarton Heath Golf Club (5)8893181+39
81st Mitch Holyoake Winter Hill Golf Club (8)9292184+42
82nd Peter Barford Cooden Beach Golf Club (10)9788185+43
82nd Peter Lomas Wentworth (9)9689185+43
82nd John Smalley Knebworth Golf Club (10)9293185+43
82nd Mickey Wishart Royal Eastbourne Golf Club (10)9095185+43
86th Mike Duley Colchester Golf Club (11)86101187+45
87th Martin Lee Frilford Heath Golf Club (6)9694190+48
88th Colin Searle South Herts Golf Club (13)100103203+61
89th Graham Meddings Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club (5)82NR  
90th Steve Dorritt Royal Cinque Ports (4)NR85  
91st Paul Watson Longcliffe (3)8787+16
92nd Glenn Fisher Wrotham Heath (7)86DQ  
93rd Malcolm Parkinson Bury St Edmunds (6)86DQ  
94th Andrew Clarke Oakdale (4)84WD  
95th Alan Aitken St Neots Golf Club (4)WD  
95th Mike Ready The Melbourne Club (1)WD  

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