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Applicants Questions

Here are some typical questions asked by would-be-members. If you have others, please contact the National Secretary, who will be happy to answer them and, if applicable, add them to this site.

Q1. How many tournaments does the UKSGA operate

In 2020 the UKSGA have 19 events planned. These events are 36 Hole qualifying  scratch events played over 2 days. This year the events are held in all parts of England and Wales. 

Q2. Is there a limit on spaces at each event and do they fill within hours/days/weeks etc?

 Yes, of course, each event has a maximum field size defined by the club when they agree to host one of our events. Currently the range is 80-110+. In 2020 6 Events will open for entry on each of  Feb 1st, Apr 1st and June 1st throughout the year. In the event of a competition being oversubscribed we operate a ballot after 2 weeks and a reserve list is generated in hcp order. You are still able to enter an event after the initial 2 weeks but would join any waiting list in chronological order but of course if we have spaces you would go straight into a time slot.

Q3. Is there any organised overnight accommodation or does everyone do their own thing?

 NO. Everyone has done their own thing (from fancy hotels, to budget hotels, to B&B's to staying with friends). We did try a corporate deal with premier inn and travelodge but they did not want to know!! Always check the host club website for details of local accommodation or even their own Dormy Houses.

Q4. How do people know their start time/playing partners etc?

 Tee Times are selected in a random draw by the Nat Secretary approximately 2 weeks prior to Day 1. This encourages integration with all the members. On Day 2  we operate a 'Leaders-out-last' system with on-line viewability and clubhouse print-outs. Each player is emailed his start time and the start sheet is viewable on the website along with the results as they are entered on our PSI system(Player Score Input, similar to your home club). Most people can work out their approximate tee-time from the results on Day 1.  If essential you may request a preferred teetime by email and the secretary will do his best to accommodate you.

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