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Covid-19: Update 27th April 2020.

Fellow Members,

As the speculation grows regarding the easing of the Lockdown and the suggestion that golf will be one of the first sports to benefit from any relaxation I wanted to give you some feedback on how your Committee sees the rest of the golf year progressing. As you are aware, our first tournament is planned for Fulford on the Wednesday 1 July.
We are monitoring the situation continuously as I am sure you are too. We are liaising both with England Golf and with our contacts in the golfing world. What is very clear is that our ability to run tournaments will be determined by future Government guidelines.
In order to assist with your planning for Fulford and subsequent tournaments, I thought it would be helpful to set out the conditions that would need to be met to enable us run a successful tournament.
These are as follows:

  1. Participants are able to travel to the event (age may be a factor here).
  2. Golf Course and Clubhouse to be open and allowing visitors.
  3. Accommodation to be available in proximity to the Golf Club.
  4. Restaurants to be open.
  5. A scoring system to be used which enables us to respect social distancing rules. E.g. via mobile phones.

My view is that it will be sometime before these conditions are met and so we are looking at alternative scenarios to allow us to start up again. For example if, as seems likely, only two balls will be allowed on courses with 10-minute intervals then there is an immediate impact with a reduction in the size of field in any particular event. We believe it is viable to run an event under these circumstances and we are examining just how we might do that.
If restaurants and hotels stay shut for the rest of the golfing season, we will look at alternative event types e.g. holding regional events on the assumption that people can play and travel back on the same day.
The Committees' intention is to make informed judgements as early as possible to assist you in planning to attend or indeed not attend events. In saying that we strongly believe that we should continue to plan to run events from July onwards although our ability to do so will be determined by the Government guidelines and the willingness of our host clubs to accept a large group of visitors.
It is our earnest desire to see you all on the golf course in the near future..........but watch this space!

Billy Mitchell

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